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An album best characterized as “Floribbean”, featuring four original compositions flavored with blends of the distinct sounds of Regga, Soca and Calypso. Also included are early tunes made famous by Harry Belafonte and the Beach Boys. A Calypso medley that reads like a Caribbean hit parade with songs like Day-O, Yellow Bird, and Marianne.


Listen to: Sailin' Along

This 10 song 2002 release from CAPTAIN HARRY features 9 original compositions by the multi-talented singer/songwriter. Harry, a true native of Miami and the Florida Keys, epitomizes what has come to be known as the "Floribbean" musical genre. Living in South Florida naturally exposed him to the Caribbean music and culture and he developed a deep love and respect for its music and its people. As a result, his music is a rich blend of rock, soul, jazz, and reggae. So, while cruisin' along with the Captain during this lively disc, you'll be sure to find you're own 'sweet spot' at sunset!

Listen to: Waitin' for the Sunset

"Tee It High and Let It Fly" is a CD about feeling good.  Every song says something about the game of golf with all its frustrations and victories.  Captain Harry's Floribbean blend of rock, country and blues is an ideal framework for understanding the average golfer's quest to challenge himself and the elements.  The Captain says "Golf is like music.   After all the lessons, analysis,  practicing and tinkering it all has to become one single thought to get it done."   This CD is a laugh a minute and a lot of fun.


Listen to: Tee It High and Let It Fly