Captain Harry wrote an autobiography!!

This book reflects that sense of security through the eyes of a young boy/man obsessed with sports, entertainment, and especially music. Jazz of the Forties, Rock n’ Roll/Rhythm n’ Blues of the Fifties and Sixties… touring and recording with Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders in the late Sixties put me in touch with most of my heroes and brought me countless memories which I’ve decided to share within the covers of this book.

You can order my book on Amazon, The Best Seat in the House.


Now that the First Mate has retired from her job of 35 years, it's time to sail and enjoy our favorite sport.  Those beautiful blue waters in South Florida have captivated us.  I still plays dates throughout the country,  but we are loving the time we have to sail and watch sunsets... as in my CD: Waitin' for the Sunset.  

The Captain is traveling

The Captain and his first mate are sailing the month of March to the Keys.  He will be back performing the end of March.  Meanwhile, I put my grandmother on speed dial ... now I have InstaGRAM !!!